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Pet Food Recall
- April 6, 2007
Sheeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack!
- July 31, 2006
- July 29, 2006
Have you seen this dog?
- July 28, 2006
free kisses!
- June 22, 2006

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Pet Food Recall April 6, 2007
News sources are saying over 9000 pets have been affected by this. We sure hope yours is NOT one of them! Here's a link to the FDA website with lists of companies and specific foods that have been recalled. The news is saying that there may be more, so keep on the lookout! They're blaming a Chinese source of wheat gluten for being laced with toxic melamine that can harm the kidneys and even kill your pet. It would probably be a good idea to just avoid pet foods with wheat gluten listed as an ingredient. Click here if you have specific questions about this fiasco.There are many other sources of protien that other foods do take advantage of.

Sheeeeeeee's Baaaaaaaack! July 31, 2006
After a night on the street, 3 nights in jail and a diagnosis of giardia (with treatment) she is back at home!
She peed on the ground when she saw us.
We cried when we realized that our family was back together.
She is now:
licensed (so is Flip)
and scheduled to be spayed...
the idea is that if she is taken again, there is no dispute about ownership and we can actually press charges against anyone who steals her...
The bad news:
Golden Gate Park is outta the question for a while... Makes it kinda a drag with going for a
walk, but it forces us to visit our favorite park (with the hills).
We have signed them both up with our favorite dog walker when D and I are both working... they go to Fort Funston - LUCKY DOGGIES!!!

Our deepest gratitude to the police officers at Park Station and the officers at Animal Care and Control. When we went to pick her up, we were treated very kindly. We were invited to come to pet pride day and have Twist wear a bandana as a success story...
Our deepest thanks to Julia, who wisely gave up her dog, whom she loved. We truly understand what it means to miss Twist.
We promise to always do right by her and with time and grace perhaps a day will come when we can all reunite and share the joy that is this unbelievably expensive and sacred dog.

AS TWIST TURNS July 29, 2006
the saga continues.....
The police lady said, "Didn't I tell you that I would find your dog?"
Twist was with the original homeless lady on Haight Street.
The people that stole her said they saw her running around GGpark by herself. - Hah-
The police lady said "We have to take her to Animal Care and Control because there is a dispute about ownership... they want the dog back."
My wonderings is that there would be no ownership dispute if we had not helped Twist... she would be dead and noone would have a dog.

Animal Care and Control lad said "We heard about you... we are sorry." The lieutenant Animal Care and Control lady said "We are going to hold her until Sunday while we investigate. We need to have both sides of the story."
We called to see about visiting, but ACC said that it would probably upset Twist more than anything. -Too true.
At least she is safe and out of the fog and cold.
So, we wait to hear from the Lieutenant again...
We all miss her....
Flip gets his "puppy" on every evening around 8 and wonders why we won't play with him for an hour or until he flops on the floor exhausted. You can't say "Twist" in front of him because he gets quite excited and looks for her, then seems very hurt that she is nowhere to be found.
He waits for by the front window even after D and I are home.
So, we hope to see her again.

Have you seen this dog? July 28, 2006

She is gone.
Seven weeks with us and she is stolen away.

Stolen literally.

Apparently, the failure to communicate has spread like wildfire through the homeless.
She ran to say "hello" to a couple of kids during our walk today. When I caught up, they began screaming at me that I had taken Slayer away from her mom.
Explaining did no good.
Threats of bodily harm were made (to me). Punches were thrown and missed.
Twist was scooped up in someone else's arms, whilst I stood on the phone with the police watching her being carried away.
Flip witnessed.
Cops were called.
We took a ride looking for her.
The camps were emptied.
There were no dogs.
There was no Twist.
The police say they know her (Twist) and will keep an eye out for her.
They will call when she turns up.
Mostly, we just want to avoid world war 1 in Golden Gate Park.
D insists that we carry mace while at the park.
Meanwhile, there is an empty spot on the couch tonight.
Can't even say her name in front of Flip.
Aren't interested in comedies on the TV.
I keep waiting to hear her whining at the door.
We have already checked twice.

Maybe the phone will ring...


free kisses! June 22, 2006
Vet last Friday:
No, Twist doesn't have dystemper because she reacted so well to the antibiotics. She just had really bad kennel cough that had become pneumonia. Her runny nose has cleared as a result of staying on the antibiotics for 2 weeks. However, the unfortunate result is that she has a yeast infection in her ear (common in dogs on antibiotics). We treat her ear with witch hazel and warm water washes, which she hates, but thinks its hilarious fun running away from me when I need to give her a treatment.

We rode bike to the pond where Flip swims. She was off leash the entire time. She stayed with us. At one point there was a mom with two little girls walking down the path, Flip avoided them as always, Twist ran straight up to the girl (the mom got stiff) and Twist just slurpped the girls face until the girl squealed in glee. I was quite embarassed and concerned about upsetting the mom, but she giggled too and when I apologized, the mom said it was wonderful to have such a nice dog.
Twist follows Flip wherever he goes. Except the water. She is not sure about the water. Flip is swimming half way into the pond going after pine cones and she just whines on the edge. D is sure she'll figure it out eventually.
She only went out into the street once (not far) and we had a long discussion with a swat on the bum. Flip also looked like he had been scolded, it was cute. Considering it was her first outing, she did amazing. However, on the big streets, she has to remain leashed.
She also loves homeless people (of course). However, she makes a visit and then runs after us. I think she knows how good she has it.

Flip is growing more accustomed to her. He allows her to have her bum against his.
Flip is not with her being near his face (she likes to lick his jowel - a sign of submission). He likes being the alpha dog, but is not sure he wants the responsibility.
Twist reminds me of Carlos, not the brightest bulb in the box, but loyal, huggable and sweet.

-Kisses on demand.


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